About Our Team

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Bin Hill-President

Charles “Bin” Hill II is the President/Owner of  The Hill Company.  Bin has been  an outside salesman with the company since 1987.  In June of 2011, he assumed ownership from his father, Charles B. Hill Sr.  He has over 30 years experience in the commercial HVAC market and has design-build expertise in commercial heating and cooling, humidification and sump/sewage systems.  Bin promotes relationships with local Engineering firms and places a high priority on product specification.

Cody Hill-Vice President

Cody Hill began his career building pumps for his father, Charles B Hill Sr. in 1990.  Cody began servicing pumps of all manufacturers at the age of 15.  This early start has given him a working knowledge of many pump lines in service today rarely seen in today’s market. Cody worked his way up through the ranks from warehouse manager, Office Manager, and eventually Vice President in 2011.  Cody has 28 years experience with commercial HVAC pump systems .  His expertise lies in hydronic HVAC systems, booster pumps, and condensate return design-build projects.

Ford Hill- Controller

Ford Hill began working for his grandfather, Charles Hill Sr. in 2010.  Ford is the company controller and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree  in Accounting.  When not tending to the companies financial affairs, Ford uses his 8 years of expertise in the industry to help customers with their needs. 

Bryan Knoy- Office Manager/Inside Sales

Bryan started with The Hill Company in 2017.  Bryan spent nearly 20 years in law enforcement prior to taking a position with us.  What Bryan lacks in experience with commercial HVAC he makes up in community relations.  Bryan has formal training from the Arbinger Institute, Disney and The Gallagher Westfall Group.  This training has become a great asset to the company both inside and out.  He is quickly picking up the technical aspects of our product lines and is our resident expert with our seismic/vibration isolation manufacturer, Mason Industries. 

Kristin Snyder-  Inside Sales

Kristin is our most recent hire and has been with The Hill Company since 2018. Kristin  has a Bachelors in Sociology and brings nearly ten years of experience in the industry.  Kristin is quickly learning our lines and building relationships within the Engineering and Contractor communities.  

Brandon Myers- Inside/Outside Sales

Brandon started at The Hill Company in 2012 as an inside salesman.  Recently he has stepped out and decided to take a larger role in outside sales.  Over the last five years, Brandon has obtained many technical certifications through our manufacturers that has made him proficient in equipment start ups and an expert in owner’s training presentations.

Thomas Tarry- Outside Sales

Thomas is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and began his career at The Hill Company as an inside salesman in 2011. In 2016 Thomas made the decision to pursue outside sales.  Since then, Thomas has become one of our most successful outside salesmen and connects well with the engineering community.  In two short years, he has immersed himself in manufacturer training and is the resident expert on our manufacturer design programs. Thomas dedicates a lot of his time promoting manufacturer design software to Engineering Firms around the state.

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