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STS® humidifier

DriSteem’s STS® (steam-to-steam) humidifier creates chemical-free humidification steam using boiler steam as its energy source. Boiler steam in the

heat exchanger vaporizes clean fill water into humidification steam. No boiler steam or chemicals ever enter the humidified space, instead they return to the boiler.

Controlled by:

Dispersion devices:

Low-maintenance humidification system

Combines two proven DriSteem products, the Vapormist® electric humidifier and the 200 Series reverse osmosis system in one fully integrated package. High purity water means less chalky scale build-up in the humidifier evaporating chamber, ensuring reliable, long-term humidifier performance. Set up, view, and adjust humidification and water treatment functions at the unit or through building automation functions using a single Vapor-logic® controller.

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Vapormist® Electric Humidifier

The Vapormist humidifier is a compact, cabinet-style unit perfect for finished spaces and compatible with all water types and numerous dispersion options. Installation is a snap, just attach the frame to a supporting structure and connect electrical and water services.

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