Project Description

The Hill Company is proud to offer high-quality NIMBUS products to meet a variety of commercial product needs.    “NIMBUS provides practical cooling solutions and superior service allowing our customers to maintain a competitive edge in their markets by keeping water costs, energy cost and health risks at a minimum.    Peak industrial cooling performance is critical for optimizing throughput. Marketplace demands grow and more regulatory compliance requirements emerge, but a practical, rugged, and efficient cooling solution to maintain production schedules and support expansion is paramount. NIMBUS is a research and development group focused on manufacturing advanced process cooling systems.” ~


Factory installed on the cooling system, the control panel is fully contained, requiring only the primary power connection on site. Users decide whether they want PLC or digital controls.

A Honeywell T775L2007 temperature controller arrives pre-programmed to each customer’s cooling system specifications. Users can adjust set point to their desired temperature for water leaving the cooling system. (courtesy

Filter Sytems

Water quality is especially important for those using city water or an open cooling system. To optimize water cooling, NIMBUS® custom designs and manufactures water filter systems best suited for each customer and their specific application. Each system is capable of removing all non-dissolved solids down to 50 microns.


NIMBUS® BLUEDRIVE™ Coolant Circulation Systems are engineered to support the circulation of both closed and open style water cooling systems. The purpose of Coolant Circulation Systems is to pump the cooling water through all the other components. The more water flow and water pressure required, the higher the horsepower of the motor.

Special valves on BLUEDRIVE™ Coolant Circulation Systems help indicate when the pressure drops and automatically open to pump water into the system. A similar pressure relief valve opens when the pressure exceeds a maximum rating, preventing other components from being damaged. Coolant Circulation Systems on open cooling towers generally have a cold well tank that stores process water that is ready to circulate through the equipment.

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