Instructional Videos

Seal Replacement

LCS and LCSE Seal Change

LC Seal Change

LF and LFE Seal Change

NBS Seal Change

Vertical Multistage Repair

Grundfos (Medium) CR: Repair

Grundfos (Medium) CR: Stack and O-Ring Repair

Grundfos CR, CRE 1, 3, 5, 10,15, 25: Service

How to dismantle and assemble Grundfos CR, CRI, CRN 10, 15, 20 pumps

Smart Circulators

Grundfos MAGNA3: Installation

Grundfos MAGNA3: AutoADAPT

Grundfos MAGNA3: Control Modes

Grundfos ALPHA3: Installation

Grundfos ALPHA3: AutoADAPT

Grundfos: Using Grundfos GO

Hydro MPC

Grundfos Hydro MPC: Startup Wizard

Hydro MPC: New Features in the Multi Pump Controller

Vertical Turbines

Peerless Vertical Turbine Assembly: Part 1

Peerless Vertical Turbine Assembly: Part 2